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TK 284 Turbine-Powered Brush For Carpets

Deep cleaning of carpets

Deeper cleaning is realized through mechanical agitation. Wessel Turbo Brushes harness the vacuum cleaner's air then use that power to turn a cylindrical brush. This simple and cost-effective system brings new levels of cleaning to standard cleaners. Wessel Turbo Brushes are ideal for pet owners and allergensensitive persons.

The benefits at a glance

Effective removal of common household dust as well as pet hair, mites and allergens

Cleaning performance
Increased effectiveness from agitation by the high-speed double chevron brush roll

Wessel Turbo brushes can be precisely adjusted to optimize cleaning performance with the selection of the optimal modular intake gate

Special models on request

· Swivel-joint
· Roller-brush with durable double-Vshaped nylon bristles
· Turbine with ball bearings
· Flexible roller-brush
· Enclosed belt-drive with sintered driving gear
· 280 mm wide
· ABS-cover textured surface
· Logo optional
· Four soft wheels, PVC blade
Standard colour: RAL 9005 black
Other colours on request

Tube connections:
ø mm: 29,75  29,60  31,50  32,00  34,90  36,65  38,23
Taper: 1:50  1:19  1:16  1:28  1:50  1:29  1:24

Other connections on request



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