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TK 282 Turbine-Powered Brush For Carpets

Deep cleaning of carpets

Deeper cleaning is realized through mechanical agitation. Wessel Turbo Brushes harness the vacuum cleaner's air then use that power to turn a cylindrical brush. This simple and cost-effective system brings new levels of cleaning to standard cleaners. Wessel Turbo Brushes are ideal for pet owners and allergen-sensitive persons.

The benefits at glance

Effective removal of common household dust as well as pet hair, mites and allergens

Cleaning performance
Increased effectiveness from agitation by the high-speed double chevron brush roll

Wessel Turbo brushes can be precisely adjusted to optimize cleaning performance with the selection of the optimal modular intake gate

Adjustable air regulator allows users to set the nozzle to optimal performance for the current application

· Double swivel neck
· Roller brush with durable double V-shaped nylon bristles
· ABS-cover, textured surface
· Supplementary air adjustment device
· Turbine with ball bearings
· Enclosed belt-drive with sintered driving gear
· Logo optional
· 280 mm wide
· Four soft wheels
· PVC blade
Standard colours: RAL 9005 black, other colours on request

Ø mm:  29,75  29,60  31,50  32,00  34,90  36,65  38,23
Taper: 1:50  1:19  1:16  1:28  1:50  1:29  1:24

Other connections on request



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