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  • standardduese rd285 designation

    standardduese rd285 designation

Individuality through carbon optic cap & optional 2-in-1 function with textile mop attachment

Additional to its fancy carbon design optic, the universal vacuum cleaner nozzle RD 285 Designation offers a wide range of benefits. Thanks to the extra-flat design it can be used at any narrow space and also under furniture. Regardless if hard floor or carpet, there is no changing necessary when moving. An integrated furniture guard at the front protects from scratches.Optionally the RD 285 Designation can be equipped with a textile mop attachment for an additional benefit. The mop enables the RD 285 Designation to wipe away adhering dirt on hard floors during suction. A slightly damp use is recommended. Wet cleaners can use the textile mop without restriction.

The benefits at glance:

No changing necessary when moving between textile and hard coverings. Usable in even the most confined spaces thanks to its flat design.

Furniture guard against damages

Easy cleaning

Unique distinctive carbon design in grey or blue. Individual designs on request.

Optional: Mop for 2-in-1 function
Washable textile mop to slip on the nozzle in order to remove adhering dirt on hart floors during suction. Slightly damp use recommended; for wet cleaners also wet mop use allowed.


· Usable on hard floor and low carpets without switch pedal
· Double swivel neck
· Soft furniture guard at front
· Two big soft touch wheels at rear
· Two small soft touch wheels at front
· Two lint pickers with Wessel quality®
· PA cover, textured surface
· Carbon design cap in grey, optional in blue
· Optional: Snap-on textile mop to remove adhering dirt
(2-in-1 function)
· Sealing lip at front and at rear
· 285 mm working width

Colours / logo print:
· RAL 9005 black, other colours on request
· Logo optional

ø mm: 29.75   29.60   31.50   32.00   34.90   36.65   38.23

Taper: 1:50   1:19   1:16   1:28   1:50   1:29   1:24

Other connections on request

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