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CN 250

  • standardduese CN250

    standardduese CN250

Efficient crevice cleaning with energy-saving vacuum cleaners

CN 250 achieves first-class performance results for grouted tile floors. The CN 250 has been designed to deliver the highest possible rating in testing on hard floors. The design of the CN 250 assures great vacuum cleaner test results, thus elevating the overall rating of the cleaner.

The benefits at glance:

The new design concept of brush strip makes the CN 250 highly effective for crevice cleaning of any hard floor.

Swivel joint and optimized working width create an ease of use hard floor brush.

The perfect supplement for original equipment to get best performance on hard floor. For eco-designed vacuum cleaners.


· Swivel function neck
· PP cover with textured surface
· PP brush strips, PA optionally
· ABS suction channel
· 250 mm width

Standard colours:
· RAL 9005, others on request
· Logo optional

ø mm: 29,75    29,60    31,50    32,00    34,90    36,65    38,23

Taper: 1:50     1:19     1:16    1:28     1:50     1:29     1:24

Other connections on request



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